Open Enrollment

Our AP Courses are available to all qualified students. It does not matter if your school offers US Curriculum or AP Courses, you can take authorized AP Courses through our program, and earn internationally recognized official high school credits.

Approved AP Courses

Choose from any of our authorized Advanced Placement (AP) Courses.  All courses have been audited by the College Board and can be verified through the official AP Course Ledger. This ensures the quality of the classes and their recognition by education institutions throughout the world.

Qualified US Teachers

A highly qualified US teacher will be assigned to you for each of your courses. This experienced teacher will oversee your progress through the course, answer any questions that you may have, and issue your final official grade. They are also your official teacher of record.

Online Learning Platform

Our online courses utilize the latest in digital learning technologies. They incorporate audio, video, and interactive features to provide an immersive learning experience. Each course provides comprehensive coverage of the subject including study guides, practice assignments, quizzes, exams, and supplemental materials.

On Your Schedule

You can begin our courses anytime you want and progress at your own pace. You have 18 weeks to complete a one semester course and 36 weeks for a two semester course. The learning platform is available 24/7 anywhere you have an internet connection.

Receive Official Credits

Upon successfully completing a course, you will receive official credit from a WASC accredited US high school. These credits are recognized by all US schools along with most international schools around the world. Official transcripts can also be issued at your convenience for college admissions or other uses.