Improve Chances of College Admissions

Advanced Placement (AP) classes demonstrate to college admission officers that you are willing to take on the academic challenges and expectations of college-level course work.

When the admissions officers see AP Courses on your transcript, it lets them know two important things:

  1. Strength of Curriculum – you are taking the most rigorous high school classes available
  2. College Preparedness – you are prepared and able to handle the challenges of college

These are both important considerations for admission into top colleges.

Raise Your GPA

When calculating weighted Grade Point Average (GPA), AP classes are given an extra point.

This means an “A” in an accredited AP Course is worth “5” points instead of the standard “4” points. This is why students accepted into top colleges often have a weighted GPA over 4.0.

Even if your school uses a different scoring system, colleges that use weighted GPA will recalculate your GPA with this extra point. This can significantly boost your GPA – another major factor in college admissions.

Prepare for Advanced Placement (AP) Exams

Successfully completing an AP Course is a great way to prepare for the AP Exams. While not required, taking the May AP Exams has the potential benefit of allowing you to earn college credits and skip introductory college classes.

College Benefits

AP classes will help you develop the critical thinking abilities required for success in college. They can also help with your selection of a major by providing an in-depth introduction to a specific subject area.