WASC Accredited

Credit for all classes taken through our program are issued by a WASC Accredited school. This is the same internationally recognized accreditation standard used by top colleges such as Stanford, UC Berkeley, UCLA, and USC.

This ensures that your classes, credits, and official transcripts will be recognized by higher learning institutions all over the world.

College Board AP Approved

All of our Advanced Placement (AP) Courses have gone through the College Board AP Audit process. The courses are all authorized AP Courses that can be verified through the official AP Course Ledger.

This ensures that you receive the grade benefits of AP classes when colleges calculate your weighted GPA.

University of California A-G Approved

All of our classes meet the strict University of California “a-g” subject requirements and have been UC approved. The classes are all listed in the official University of California “a-g” guide.

This ensures that your classes meet the subject requirements of schools such as UC Los Angeles and UC San Diego.