Weighted GPA

AP Benefits – Weighted GPA

Advanced Placement courses are used by high schools and colleges when calculating weighted GPA. The idea is that taking a rigorous AP Class is a much greater accomplishment than taking an easier class. In recognition of this, many colleges will award an extra GPA point for an AP class (on the standard 4-point grade scale). This can provide a significant benefit for students trying to raise their GPA in order to increase chances of college admissions. It also why many students that are admitted into the top universities have a weighted GPA over 4.0.

Grade Regular Class Advanced Placement Class
A 4.00 5.00
B 3.00 4.00
C 2.00 3.00
D 1.00 2.00
F 0.00 1.00

Additional notes:

  • Many colleges will look just at English, Math, Social Studies, Foreign Language, and Science grades when calculating weighted GPA. Classes such as music and health are often not factored in.
  • AP classes are considered college level work and show colleges that you are taking the most rigorous high school classes available and are prepared to handle the challenges of college.
  • Taking the AP Exam is NOT required and is completely separate from your AP Class. It is your AP Class grade that is used by colleges to calculate your GPA.